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WSEOY Google My Business Guide     Video Training


How To Maximise Your FREE Business Listing

More and more of your potential customers, clients or patients

[in the covid pandemic]

are turning to Google Search to find local businesses.

A well-optimized Google My Business listing is crucial to getting

in front of your prospective customers before your competition. 

84% of consumers turn to search engines to find out information for

a local purchase and services!

Google My Business results have become a big part of the online presence of LOCAL businesses.

This Google My Business Video Training will show you step by step how to master the platform and get the best results for your business posssible in 2021 and beyond.

This Google My Business video course will show you how to create and optimize your listing, and more. 

So that you can improve your Google rankings, communicate with prospective customers, clients, or patients, control your online presence, and generate more 'HOT' leads leading to more profit.

This google my business training is designed to help you beat all your competition and rank first in the map pack for your local searches.

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The Acclaimed Google My Business Training 

Google My Business is one of the main way’s prospective customers seek out your business. They find it through Google Search or Google Maps.

Did you realise that more than 84% of consumers turn to search engines to find out information for a local product or service? And much of this information they find from the Google My Business listing.

If your listing is not showing then you are losing out in a BIG WAY!

Claiming and maximizing your [already listed] Google My Business Page is a great way to get your business listed multiple times on Google for FREE.

This FREE LISTING is an essential asset for any local business owner to use to increase profit.

But for most it is confusing and nearly all businesses fail to maximise the potential of this amazing FREE business builder.

This is why we offer you this Google My Business video training course.

You’ll learn…

 • The basic information about the GMB platform.

• About why you need to have a well optimized GMB profile for your business right now.

• About the latest changes made to the GMB platform by Google in view of Covid19 outbreak.

• About the latest features that were added to this platform this year for your better business growth.

• How to create a GMB listing successfully.

• Ways to increase reviews and conversions on your GMB profile.

• Smart ways to optimize your GMB listing for success and to dominate any competition.

• How to improve local Search Engine Optimisation with your personlised GMB

• Complete guidelines and instructions for UTM tagging for GMB.

• How to measure your GMB profile performance.

• How to use and understand GMB insights better.

• Do’s and Don’ts for your GMB profile.

• Everything you need to know ... to create and manage your GMB profile with step by step instructions for technical set up.

• Which GMB mistakes lots of businesses make and how to fix them or avoid them altogether.

• And so much more…

 This Training Includes:

 1:34:17 Hours Of On Demand Videos

15 profit Producing Lessons

Full Lifetime Access

Access on Mobile and TV

 Lesson 1 : Video 1 - Google My Business Intro

 Lesson 2 : Video 2 - Getting Started with Google My Business

 Lesson 3 : Video 3 - Benefits Of Having a GMB Profile Today

 Lesson 4 : Video 4 - Important changes to GMB after Covid-19

 Lesson 5 : Video 5 - How to use the Latest Google My Business Features for your Business

 Lesson 6 : Video 6 - How To Create a Google My Business Listing

 Lesson 7 : Video 7 - How to Increase GMB Reviews and Conversions

 Lesson 8 : Video 8 - How to optimize your Google My Business Listing this right now!

 Lesson 9 : Video 9 - Improving Local SEO with Google My Business

 Lesson 10 : Video 10 - Complete guide to UTM Tagging for GMB

 Lesson 11 : Video 11 - How to measure your GMB performance.

 Lesson 12 : Video 12 - How to use and understand GMB insights better.

 Lesson 13 : Video 13 - Do’s and Don’ts of an Effective GMB Listing

 Lesson 14 : Video 14 - GMB technical set up – Step By step tutorial

 Lesson 15 : Video 15 - Common GMB Mistakes and how to fix or avoid them

Don't Delay Get Your GMB Training Today ...

for Better Profit Tomorrow!


In addition to these 15 videos you will also receive.

1. A video showing you how to add video to your GMB listing.

2. A GMB Action Sheet.

3. A GMB category, keyword and description workbook for USA – Canada – UK – Australia.

4. UTM tracking code pdf.

5. 200 Citation Sources

Fast Acting Bonuses

Online Reputation Reviews Video Course


17 bite size videos giving you everything you need to know


1. What is online reputation and what does it mean


2. What does online reputation management involve


3. Top Reasons Every Small Business Must Perform Online Reputation Part 1

3a. Top Reasons Every Small Business Must Perform Online Reputation Part 2


4. Avoiding Illegal and Unethical Customer Review Methods For Your Business


5. Why negative reviews may actually be a GOOD thing for your business

5a. Deadly mistakes to avoid when handling negative reviews

5b. How to handle negative online reviews about your business


6. How to handle malicious online reviews


7. How to use offline feedback forms to collect positive reviews

7a. How to collect customer reviews using email marketing

7b. How to collect video and photo customer reviews


8. Free ways to monitor your online reputation- Review Sites

8a. Free ways to monitor your online reputation - google alerts

8b. Free Tools to monitor your Social Media online reputation

8c. Free ways to monitor your online reputation blogs

8d. Free ways to monitor your online reputation forums and groups





All This For A Low One Time Investment of £47