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SEO Wakefield Yorkshire Agency

This Wakefield SEO Yorkshire website will show you ...

How To Generate All The New Business You Want 

Without It Costing You A Penny!

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I’m Malcolm, principal of SEO Wakefield SEO Yorkshire

The Premier Search Engine Optimisation Agency in Wakefield according to the real Google search engine. 

From our base in Yorkshire we help clients all around the Globe with our 'unique' Search Engine Optimisation services. We are a little bit different than the other “agencies” because we believe in results not promises.

I Will Get Your Website To The Top Of Google Search Results.

Top SEO Agency Wakefield

We believe in keeping things simple and open for our clients. Lots of agencies talk of 200 search engine ranking factors. And will spend your money on tweaking all 200, for little result.

These 200 factors can be grouped into sections as Brian Dean has done for us.

So here, according to some companies, are the most important Google ranking factors in 2020:

Referring domains

Organic click-through-rate

Domain authority

Mobile usability

Dwell time

Total number of back-links

Content quality


These factors in our opinion, after testing them in our groups thousands of test sites. Had little adverse effect, on a website. Even if most of these are not exactly met. Some are common sense anyway.

For example, Google will penalise sites that offer low value as regards content. And or puts revenue generation first.  Also duplicated content is not a good move either. As those sites that rip off other peoples content are not promoted by Google.

Your site must also be optimised for smartphones and be able to load really fast. Or Google will demote it in the search engine rankings. 

In our extensive testing we have found that overall there is no need to focus on the 200, so called, ranking factors.

We have found that there are 5 main areas that really move a website upwards.

While the vast majority of search engine optimisation agencies divide their time working on the 200 factors.

We focus on the big five and this gives us incredible results for our clients.

search engine optimisation picture

At SEO Yorkshire we focus on the BIG FIVE that gives our clients the BEST RESULTS

And these are to do with two main areas.

1] The structure and composition of your website.

2] The quality of the back-links to your website.

We focus on these two things and show you month by month how things are improving for your website. We also don’t have bloated extra overheads for services that don’t directly benefit you. 

Here, with our agency, you’re being offered an opportunity to get exactly the same advantage, or better that the BIG BUSINESSES get, for a fraction of the cost.

  To give you first class results!

If you search Google for “SEO Wakefield or "SEO Yorkshire" just see what results comes up on the first page!

What you’re seeing here is top results for one of the most competitive keyword search terms in Google.

As an SEO consultant we have many rankings for our website, the video you see and other internet properties… and of course we’re #1 and #2 overall.

The reason we bring this to your attention isn’t to brag. It’s because we want you to have a glimpse at what our SEO services can do for your rankings.

And how good your business will look, at the TOP of the rankings!

Listen, hiring an SEO agency anywhere in the UK, is a lot like putting your car in for service or repair.

If you are like me you know little about car mechanics or want to.

So you trust the people who work on your car because there is a lot that happens outside of your view and your expertise.

You need and want to find someone you feel you can trust. You want people to tell you the truth, do the job and charge you fairly. 

We do just that for you.

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So Get Started Putting Your Business First with Wakefield SEO ... TODAY!

Good optimisation for the search engines, that works well, doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, usually between 4 to 6 months ... And it may take less time or take longer depending on the keyword phrases you want to rank for and your competition.

And also Google has to learn to trust your website. It has to have confidence that it will deliver what the Searcher wants.  

Get A Google Vote Of Confidence

When done right SEO works and puts your business first. OUR aim for your website is to have top rankings in the Google search results and stay there. A major factor when it comes to high ranking is the quality of internet properties that are linking back to your website or video! This is seen as a recommendation by Google.

Most UK optimisation agencies take one of two routes…They either outsource lots and lots of low quality links from the Philippines, China or India and/or They use low cost low power back-links that won’t penalise your site… And they won’t get you your expected RESULTS either.

We take the harder road.

Going back many years we’ve developed a high quality exclusive network of internet sites that provide very high quality information to internet searchers all over the world on various subjects.

We build secure relevant links back to your website from these different sites, steadily over the months. And this produces a vote of confidence for your site from Google.

Think about it, what’s better for say a financial business – having an article endorsing them in the Financial Times or hiring people on the streets of various towns to hand out business cards for you?  

It’s no contest!  

The Financial Times has a much better reputation with those interested in financial matters!

This is the way we boost your website with the power and prestige that comes from high quality, high visibility links in highly relevant and respected content that Google loves. 

This is an Exclusive Advantage that nobody else can offer you.

As a group we have thousands of internet properties ranked Number 1 for over tens of thousands of important keywords! 

So by ranking these properties we’re also absolutely on top of all of the latest SEO changes in Google.

As you can see we do SEO ourselves for our own website and, as you can also see from Page 1 results of Google we beat our competition, so you know we can do the same for you.

Business is booming online in Yorkshire and all over the Wakefield area

If you have a company or business in Wakefield, Leeds area, city of York or Sheffield and other places in Yorkshire such as Doncaster and Barnsley or anywhere in the UK.

And want to profit from Google search engine ranking. 

Then using the best search engine consultants is essential to help your business to grow and prosper. We will help you to beat and stay in front of your competition.

Search Engine Optimisation has for a long time, been an essential element of successful on-line promotion. And the majority of larger businesses have incorporated this specialist service into their overall marketing campaigns and strategy.

However, smaller business owners may not be entirely clear on the benefits of online promotion and the importance of using an SEO marketing service at first. 

The truth is, if they want to be in front of their competition and get the customers or clients that would go to their competitors. 

They really need to look at their Search Engine Optimisation options.

If you don’t want to get left behind ... fill in our discovery form ...   to see how we can help you.

What marks us apart, as part of a team of world renowned SEO Consultant EXPERTS, is our exclusive back linking to thousands and thousands of first class internet properties. 

This gives our clients the much sought after Google seal of approval.

There is no question that SEO Wakefield SEO Yorkshire can help you

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