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SEO Audit Of A Website

An SEO audit of a website is very important if you want to maximise it's value to your business.

You may have heard about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, but do you understand why it’s important for your business website?

And how it can help you make more money.

Understanding why and how SEO works is the first step to improving your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), which will ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Whether you are a new marketer or an experienced one, it is essential that you understand the importance of conducting an SEO analysis of a website or audit.

In short, an SEO audit is a process of analysing your website’s performance in terms of search engine optimization (SEO).

It helps identify potential issues that could be preventing your website from achieving higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

By conducting regular SEO audit checklists, you can make sure your website is optimized for search engine visibility and also uncover any areas where improvement is needed.

The problem is that you either have to opt for a free website audit that is usually an exercise from an SEO agency to highlight actual or imagined problems that they will then charge you a high SEO audit cost fee to fix. Or you have to do it yourself.

This in turn causes panic because you immediately think, I don't know how to do a SEO audit! 

Up until now, this was a viable excuse to not bother, but not any more because now you have an easy to follow and understand 'SEO audit of a website' DIY course. 

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Here is a Great Resource for Knowing How To Do an SEO Audit of a Website.

This highly informative video course is intended for SEO freelancers and website owners looking for do-it-yourself options.

If you have been looking for sea audit software, SEO audit template or SEO audit example this is the course for you.

This is a Video Course Courses of 15 Modules

And as you can see we have structured it in such a way that it helps everyone regardless of their levels of expertise on the subject, right from a beginner to an expert.

We cover everything you need to know for a comprehensive SEO audit of a website.

This is how to maximise the value of YOUR website to YOUR business.


    Course Introduction

    Vid 1 SEO Audit Course Introduction

    Vid 2 SEO Audit Template


    Site Crawling, Indexing, Accessibility, Technical Analysis

    Vid 1 Section Introduction

    Vid 2  Google Search Console

    Vid 3 User Experience Section of GSC

    Vid 4 Checking For Site Accessibility

    Vid 5 Broken Link Check

    Vid 6 Website Uptime Check


    Checking Duplicate Or Bad Content

    Vid 1 Ways Of Dealing With Thin Or Bad Content

    Vid 2 Finding Pages To Improve Or Delete

    Vid 3 Identifying And Getting Rid Of Bad Pages

    Vid 4 Tracking Current SEO Traffic


    Tracking Current SEO Traffic

    Vid 1 Google Analytics Introduction


    Domain Level Factors

    Vid 1 Domain Level Factors Introduction

    Vid 2 Does Site Age Matter For SEO?

    Vid 3 What Is Page Rank, Domain Authority, And Do They Matter?

    Vid 4 Page Optimization Prioritization Strategy


    URL Structure

    Vid 1 Do Keywords In Domain Or Exact Match Domains Matter?

    Vid 2 HTTPS Instead Of HTTP

    Vid 3 URL Folder And Page Names Structures


    Checking Mobile Friendliness

    Vid 1 On Page SEO Audit Section Introduction

    Vid 2 Introduction To Mobile Friendly Websites

    Vid 3 Using The Google Mobile Friendly Check Tool


    Page Quality Audit

    Vid 1 Good Grammar On Each Page

    Vid 2 How To Set Up The Yoast Plugin For SEO

    Vid 3 Setting Meta Title And Description

    Vid4 Content Quality And Cornerstone SEO Pages and Rich Media

    Vid 5 Image ALT Tag For SEO


    Keyword Research

    Vid 1 Keyword Research Introduction

    Vid 2 13-Step Keyword Research Checklist

    Vid 3 Keyword Density Tool Uses

    Vid 4 Optimising For Voice Search


    Site Load Speed

    Vid 1 Speed Update

    Vid 2 3 Free Site Speed Analysis Tools

    Vid 3 Critical Rendering Path Impact

    Vid 4 Case Study And Taking Out Unused CSS From A Page Vid 5 Case Study Of Reducing Image Size

    Vid 6 Case Study Of Getting Rid Of JavaScript


    Easy Wins For Faster Page Loading

    Vid 1 Page Speed Insights

    Vid 2 Further Reducing Image Size


    CSS And JavaScript Minification

    Vid 1 Minifying CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

    Vid 2 Enabling Compression

    Vid 3 Caching Plugins For WordPress


    Using Page Speed Insights

    Vid 1 Removing Unused CSS

    Vid 2 Unused CSS In A WordPress Template

    Vid 3 JavaScript Defer And Async Tags

    Vid 4 Experiment Of Removing Google Ads


    Local Google SEO

    Vid 1 Which Businesses Are Local And Examining The Result Template


    Extras To Look Into

    Vid 1 Bounce Rates And SEO


One Time Investment

On investment you will immediately be able to download your course from Google and save to your computer. This way you are able to proceed at your own pace.

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