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SEO Castleford Agency Ranks You Top

Build New Business Automatically with WSEOY

Using a local SEO Castleford agency will have a dramatic effect on your business. Because even in a small town like CAS , there are still local people who don’t know what your business does or that it even exists. 

Our team here at Wakefield SEO Yorkshire know that appealing to a local audience of neighbours with the right local online business promotion will pay great dividends.

Then you have to realise that on any given day, these locals are swollen by temporary visitors too.

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So when local people and temporary visitors are searching for what you do.

Do they see you or just your competitors?

The simple aim of search engine optimisation for Castleford businesses is to increase your bottom line profit.

How do you rank in Google Search Results?

If you are using any kind of effective SEO service, such as WSEOY then you should be seeing more of an interest in your business. With an increase in clients, customers or patients. And of course your search engine position in the Google rankings should be improving. And definitely on the first page of the search results.

Most business owners realise this and unfortunately rush to use SEO without fully understanding it. This is why we have produced our acclaimed FREE eBOOK.

You will find it very helpful to to grab YOUR FREE COPY of ‘Five Questions On SEO Services’ you must ask yourself BEFORE you hire an SEO expert

Download this and save yourself lots of Frustration, TIME and MONEY!

This will answer your SEO questions and highlight the dangers of using the wrong Search Engine Optimisation service for your business in the Castleford area.

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Unfortunately, many businesses are paying, good money, to an average SEO agency but are not seeing real results.

That’s why we think we should be assessed not on our promises but on our tangible results. It's for this reason we don’t have any contracts for businesses in Castleford. And people continue to work with us because when they see their rankings in the search engines going up month after month after month. They are very happy and once at the top they really do want to stay there.

Why not discover for yourself how we at WSEOY can put your local Castleford enterprise at the top with our local SEO Castleford packages for your business?

Just get your personal SEO PLAN here and see what we can do for you.

Mobile Traffic

One of best SEO tips for local ranking in Castleford today is to make sure your website content can show up well on smartphones. The fact is that your website must be configured for multiple devices and especially smartphones. Because most searches are now made on smartphones.

And now with Google it's not just a matter if consumers can interact easily with your website. Or it fits a smartphone screen without scrolling from side to side. It's about loading time and what web hosting you use. If your website does not conform to Googles changing standards then it will be demoted in the rankings.

Mobile-first indexing best practices.

Mobile first means that Google will look at the mobile version of your website when determining where to rank it. They do this for one simple reason and it's because the majority of search users use Google Search with a smartphone. As a result the Googlebot crawls and then indexes pages in reference to the smartphone by default.

Google is an advertising company and it wants apps to connect users’ phones to local area restaurants, stores and businesses via the GPS. They want to sell advertising so that the smartphone phone will automatically point out special offers and deals the advertiser is making. They no longer have to browse the internet to find the best places to eat, to find local sales, etc.

Here is where local search engine optimisation comes in as your business will show up in the organic search results when people are looking on their smartphones for what you do.

Local For Small Businesses In Castleford

When thinking local it is very important that a business has its contact details on the first page of it's website. Especially if the business is seeking to get customers, clients or patients to visit their premises. Even if you go out to visit locally then your location is very important, for the customer and the search engines.

Local people who are looking for local services or products want to find local providers. In the past they may have been fooled by business that put a locality next to “VET” or “Electrician” so that the search engines will find them. While in reality it is based entirely somewhere else. They simply use the internet to try to make contact with people all over the UK.

Google wants to provide local answers to local searches because it wants to sell local advertising. So your local address is important as it is a ranking factor.

You hear and read about a thing called NAP. This stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. These are important items that should be on your website and preferably on the first page at the top left or right corner of the page.

Add this details to every piece of internet content that you put out. If you want to rank well in the local search results. Because when people who are looking for a local provider know you are a real local business. They will call in or phone. On your “contact us,” page you can give more information such as a freephone number, text, whatsApp and email. And perhaps links to your social media pages.

Local Tools

One of the tools of local seo is getting a vote of confidence from Google to give your business a top ranking in the search engines. And this is done by other locally related publishers or business speaking well of your business.

When ranking Google looks at how many local votes or citations your business gets. Lots of seo agencies build a lot of low quality back-links as part of their cheap seo packages. And most of these are just ignored by Google when ranking your site.

Where we stand out, in this regard, from the rest is in the quality of citations and back-links we get for our customers from exclusive sources.

We are able to do this because we are in a a global group of seo specialists who pool quality resources. We act as an under the radar seo agent to get top rankings for our clients. The vast majority of these want to be anonymous as they they don’t want any competitor to know about their winning secret.

If your are seriously looking for the best SEO Castleford.

When you get your FREE eBook below, you'll be able to see how we can help you.


Seek out SEO Local Expertise

Do you want to improve your local search engine ranking?

Do you think that this will help your business in Castleford make more money?

Do you see your smartphone friendly website being a business getting machine?

We'd love to help.

For us every customer client is different. So we first look to see if we can help. Then, if we can, we'll suggest an agreed course of action that will increase your business search results.

As you explore ways to help with your own specific SEO campaign, you'll come across lots of other agencies. So first ask yourself where were these companies when you did your search for seo. Were they showing up in the search results in Google for what they do when you did your search?

There is no question that the correct search marketing will give your business great benefit as your site is seen more and more in the search results. Bringing you more public recognition, leads and customers.

No matter what type of business you have in Castleford we can help. By optimising your seo for best results overall.

We have proven ways to put your business first.


Depending on your type of business we will suggest the most suitable SEO.

Local SEO for example makes sure that your business is found in the local organic search results and in the Google map listings. So when your potential customers in Castleford search for your service or product they find you quickly.

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