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SEO Pontefract Agency Gets Top Rankings For Your Business

Are you sick and tired of losing out to competitors in the search results?

Affordable TOTAL SEO Pontefract in the past has meant a second-class service. Businesses and individuals were paying good money for a service that didn’t seem to help them at all.

We believe that we offer the best Search Engine Optimisation as our agency specialist expert helps get your business top google rankings!

The whole point of search engine optimisation for Pontefract businesses is to produce more bottom-line profit.

Graph how seo pontefract increases business

If you are using any SEO service, you should see an uplifted interest in your service, business, or company. An increase in sales and customers, clients, or patients.

And of course, your position in the search engine rankings should be improving. Sadly, many companies pay for an optimisation service but do not see tangible results.

That’s why we at WSEOY don’t have any contracts because we think we should be judged on our results and not promises. People stay with us because they can clearly see their search engine rankings getting better month after month after month. And then when they are at the top they naturally want to stay there.

Why not see how we can get your local Pontefract enterprise to the top with one of our affordable SEO services for small businesses?

Before you hire an SEO Agency in Pontefract

Lots of businesses in Pontefract rush into search engine optimisation without having thought about it in detail.

This is a bad move because most of the time they lose money and time.

Which is why I want to give you this very helpful FREE eBook "5 questions you must ask...before hiring an SEO agency"!

Get this and save yourself lots of Frustration, TIME and MONEY!

This will answer your questions and highlight the dangers of using the wrong Search Engine Optimisation service for your business.


At its height, Pontefract was the 4th largest town in Yorkshire. It can be traced back to the Saxon times and it's mentioned in the Doomsday Book. The name Pontefract is taken from the Latin Pons – meaning bridge, and Fractus – meaning broken. Pomfret or Pontefract Castle was once one of the biggest and most feared fortifications in England and deemed one of the most unassailable in the country. 

We would like to see your business have the same domination as seen in the search engine results.

SEO Increases Organic Discovery & High-Quality Website Traffic.

If you want to leave the pain and frustration of your website not showing up on the first page of Google search results behind. And transforming your website from being more of a liability than an asset then SEO is the way to go. 

designerglasses.co.uk is a designer glasses online store that supply their customers with an amazing range of designer glasses at the most competitive prices, backed by exceptional levels of service. Within 3 months of an SEO campaign the website enjoyed an all-time high year-on-year increase of 300% in organic search result visitors and most importantly, recorded a 700% increase in sales.

Just imagine what the right SEO campaign would do for your business!

Affordable SEO packages for small businesses

Affordable SEO is not what every switched on business wants. Yes they obviously need to be able to budget for the service.

What they are really looking for is an effective SEO Pontefract service that gives them a great ROI from an effective top online presence. We give YOU that!

CLICK To View SEO Services

When people look for what your business does in the Pontefract area. They don’t often search for your business name. No they get on their smart phones and type in what your business does or what they want it to do for them.

This is called search intent.

Google search has become more and more sophisticated over time.

And the search algorithm is designed to produce the best results that meet a user’s exact needs.

If they are looking for what you do will they find you on the first page of Google or not?

There really is no point being anywhere else!

People very rarely look beyond page one.

Do You?

If you asked any business in Pontefract if they wanted to be on the first page of Google for what they did. 100% would say yes. All businesses want to be at the top of that list of results.

However, there are many websites all trying to get on that first page.

Take a simple search such as ‘Pontefract plumber’. Google says there is about 51,600 results for this search term. This means there are over 51,000 internet properties all mentioning ‘Pontefract plumber’.

However, there are, at the time of writing this article only 10 organic results showing.

Many businesses try to do SEO for themselves or look for the cheapest option but most of the time they remain lost on page two and on-wards.

Some do make it to the map section but only for a very limited area.

Use The Services of an Effective SEO Agency In Pontefract

If you want to be a winner like first past the post at Pontefract races. Then you need an agency that's different. Unfortunately, lots of SEO companies, when you look at their own results, fail to deliver on the promises they make.

They simply don’t perform well at all. Lot's can't even rank their own websites at the top. So why would you trust them with yours?

There are SEO packages that are cheap rather than affordable. 

views of pontefract

And these are then usually farmed out to foreign agencies. These agencies, usually from India or China, work for pennies as your so called SEO expert charges you top dollar. These kind of providers are using old worn out methods, that Google penalised years ago.

And of course their clients, while paying low fees aren’t receiving any real benefit at all. What’s more, these old hat techniques are harmful to your search engine rankings. As Google rigorously looks for any manipulation of the search results. Once discovered, a business will not only lose any gains that it may have made, in the short term. It may also be de-indexed.

So keeping these things in mind, it is vital to deal with an SEO agency that really knows how the search engines really work. And will give you solid bankable results.

Affordable SEO Tools

One of the tools of Search Engine Optimisation is getting Google to give your business a vote of confidence. And this is done by other related business or publishers endorsing your business.

In the early days, Google looked at how many votes your business got and this would effect the rankings. Many SEO companies produce a quantity of backlinks as part of their service. And lots and lots of these are just disregarded by Google when it comes to ranking your website.

One of the areas where WSEOY stands out above the crowd is the quality of votes we get for our clients from numerous sources. This is a BONUS that other agencies can't match.

How we do this, is simple.

We are part of a world wide group of SEO experts that pool resources. We operate as undercover SEO agents in the best interests of our clients. Who want to remain anonymous because they don’t want their competitors to know their winning edge. We also will only work for one client for a group of keywords in a given area, in a distinct market area.

Here Is Value for Money SEO That Works For You?

Of course you want search engine optimisation that will help your business in Pontefract, but what does this mean?

Do you want your Google ranking to improve ?

Do you want your website to become a sales machine?

Every client is an individual and each business is different.

So we first analyse if we can help. Then we devise an agreed SEO strategy that will boost your business.

This will involve agreeing on the best keyword phrases to rank for so that you will see an increase of visitors to your website. We will not only optimise your website for ranking but also optimise it to increase your profit.

We believe your website should be a true asset. In that it makes money and is not just something you spend money on. We don’t want you to just get clicks on your website. We want you to profit from new clients, customers or patients.

We will also look at your competition and what you need to do to beat them and stay ahead of them.

Every month we will give you a progress report so you can clearly see the advances you are making.

If money is no object then you will advance every quickly to the top, and hold a dominant position just like Amazon.

Amazon has the biggest marketing budget on earth. In its annual report total marketing expense was $18.9bn, which included $11bn in advertising and about $7.9bn of other costs. Thought to be mainly SEO.

For most business there has to be a balance between what is achievable and what is affordable. If you are done with paying out month after month for little or no reward. Or are looking at SEO for the first time. We have tested and proven ways of putting your business at the top.

First you need to get the helpful FREE eBook "5 questions you must ask...before hiring an SEO agency"! As this will help you decide what kind of service you need. Done For You or Do it Yourself SEO. If you want to be #1 in the real Google search engine, then get started today!

buttercross pontefract

SEO Package that suits your business

There is no doubt that the right SEO is a wonderful marketing tool that will provide powerful benefits for your business.

Your website will become more visible in the search engines. And this in turn will increase public awareness and bring in consistent leads.

No matter what kind of business you operate in Pontefract we can help.

By making sure that your Search Engine Optimisation campaign is implemented for the best overall results.

Every campaign that we do for you has different stages and the first stage is an audit and drawing up a personal SEO plan.

We will first look at your website to make sure it is fully optimised for what you want to achieve.

We first fix the foundation and then we build your SEO fortress. This involves looking at competitors and the choice of keyword phrases. 

Many of our competitors try to make things sound more complicated than they are.

They’ll talk about 200 ranking factors. We get this down to 5 key areas.

We focus on those and get the results.

Competitors talk of complex tasks we speak of a recipe that keeps giving us excellent results.

Finding The Right Affordable SEO For Your Business in Pontefract

Depending on your type of business we will suggest the most suitable SEO.

Local SEO for example makes sure that your business is found in the local organic search results and in the Google map listings. So when your potential customers in Pontefract search for your service or product they find you quickly.

National search engine optimisation makes sure your business website is displayed in the search results when people are searching for general term keywords.

A mix is needed when you want to rank outside your immediate business area.

Both national SEO and local SEO and are essential for maximising business profit. And when they are expertly executed flawlessly, they will bring you lots and lots of very valuable customers. The benefits of an affordable SEO campaign are your sales and profit will soar, taking your business to the next level.

We are not the cheapest SEO agency Pontefract, but we know how to conduct successful SEO campaigns, and we would love to put your business 1st.

If you are looking for affordable SEO Pontefract for your business. Get Your FREE eBook Right Now!


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