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SEO ROI Importance Matters

What’s the ROI of SEO?

SEO ROI or return of investment is outstanding for those businesses that do search engine optimisation the right way. It is one of the best investment that your business can make.

In this video you will see the actual ROI with SEO from an actual client.

Watch the SEO Return On Investment Video

Transcript: Of Search Engine Optimisation ROI

This is a recording that's rarer than hens teeth because just about all of our SEO clients want to remain anonymous. They want to have SEO steps under the radar because they don't want their competitors to know of our (WSEOY) existence. They want to keep our exclusivity!

So this video is from one of our American partners Stephen and he's explaining via video why our SEO services are the best investment re ROI. The client of course remains anonymous.

And he points out three main things.

One. The return of investment on SEO.

Two. The danger of SEO contracts.

Three. The ownership of assets.

Stephen:- This is a real client of mine and this is an average business that we're looking at here. This is not a billion dollar company. Actually their revenue is about three and a half million dollars a year.

They are spending five thousand dollars with Better Business Bureau as they have multiple locations. Three to four thousand dollars a year with the chamber of commerce. Facebook two thousand a month and there's me Stephen SEO three thousand dollars a month.

A radio ad is 2500 a month then you see a couple of other things but what you're looking at there is a monthly recurring cost of somewhere around 15 or 16 grand. This is what they're paying and this is a local moving company a little local business run by two people when they started. Now they have some staff.

Okay there's a couple of things on here that I want you to pay close attention to one of them is where it says Facebook and it says 2,000 a month and the other one is where it says super pages index media. And then look at the Steven SEO at three thousand dollars a month.

seo results

Magical ROI with SEO


So here's where the magic is and this is the actual google analytics report for the actual client. So I’m going to go over this with you really quickly. So we're going to look here under the left side menu this is telling us where the traffic came from in this 30-day segment.

You see organic search so their website in this 30 day period received 3,499 total visits okay. 2,204 of those were for an organic search via SEO. I'm the one doing that I’m responsible for those. And then number two is direct at 915 that comes from branded searches and some of the other marketing that we do.

So we basically get credit for that.

For easy math, I'm going to say that our efforts as search engine marketers are responsible for 3,000 website visits. They're paying me 3,000 a month and they're getting roughly 3,000 website visits from what can be attributed to our efforts. Okay so about a dollar per lead.

Now I want you to look at the next one that says paid search. That's showing 156 visits

And for these they are basically pretty close to what they're paying me. They're paying about 3,200. So it's a dollar per lead to pay me okay and for the 156 around $20. So it’s one dollar versus twenty dollars.


Let's look now at the next box which is social. This is things like Facebook traffic and we have 131 visitors. Look there where it says Facebook two thousand dollars for 131 visits. And that’s $19.8 cents. They are paying me about a dollar a lead and I'm providing overwhelmingly almost all of the traffic.

And these expensive leads are nowhere near as good at converting as much as the organic searches provided by our SEO company.

One big point I want to talk about is all these big national companies all require contracts. Most of them are 12 months.

One of the biggest differentiating factors is you see here is who owns the content created by SEO. Almost 100 percent of what these companies are going to do for you belongs to them. They are going to build you a webpage or put ads on their property. Or they're going to shoot you a YouTube video.

Then as soon as you're done paying them, the month you don't pay them all that stuff's gone. Your custom page bye-bye, custom video gone. They hold your data hostage and you need that data because that data is like gold.

The attitude is okay if you want to cancel Mr customer then all right. Well you know this page belongs to us and all this data belongs to us, so good luck. So sorry that you spent all that money paying me to build you these landing pages that you can't use anymore.

I hope you see the benefits in this video of working with us for your SEO campaigns.

seo super group

Investing in the right things

Investing in the right things to grow your business can sometimes be hit and miss. Especially when it comes to advertising and marketing.

In the video above, Stephen has shown why SEO is one of the best investments a business can make. He has compared the SEO ROI to the PPC ROI to help businesses and individuals understand which of these investments makes the most sense for your specific business.

In a time when business owners can replace hiring a salesperson with a new business generating website. The SEO options can seem overwhelming.

However, a well thought out SEO campaign will produce the best SEO ROI for all types and sizes of businesses.

 WSEOY Agency


WSEOY focuses on your SEO return of investment from the beginning, and we create the best strategies for our clients with the goal of high search engine rankings to provide the best investment possible.

For more information about SEO ROI ...

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