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SEO West Yorkshire Agency

Your Search Engine Optimisation Agency West Yorkshire

If you are searching for the top SEO West Yorkshire based agency you have just found the top agency for your individual search engine marketing services. Ideal for SEO Leeds, SEO Wakefield or Halifax SEO.

You know that it makes perfect sense to get top visibility for your business on-line and to make your web-site into a customer/ client/ patient generating machine.

The question you have is how do you do that?

To do this yourself would involve a crash course in deciphering the winning strategies of internet marketing as well as figuring out the complexities of search engine optimisation or SEO. Then you would need to find out your competitors strengths and weakness when it comes to getting listed in the search engine results. Should you use expensive pay-per-click advertising/ppc or is there an alternative?

We can short-cut all that and get you ranked at the top of the google search results.


Your SEO Company in West Yorkshire

If you're operating a West Yorkshire business or want to have exposure in the Yorkshire area to do things yourself is just too time consuming. And would detract from what you do best which is to focus on your own business.

Business people who are smart focus on the things that they're good at and makes them money. Other things they farm out or delegate to others.

You most likely agree with me 100% because you are smart!

However the BIG PROBLEM IS ... who should you trust to get you to the top of the search engines. Do a google search for 'SEO West Yorkshire' and you'll find in all the results agencies all saying they are the best.

And even if they have great reviews (which we have) you don't know how genuine those reviews are.

Have they been bought?

Have they been placed by employees?

You don't know!

The truth is with any SEO service you don't know how Good it is until you have tried it.

That's why we, unlike a lot of others, always insist that we have no contracts locking people in. 

And whatever we build for you belongs to you and not us.

  • For example, let's say a search engine optimisation agency created a video for your business. And because you don't see results and have a minimal report you decide to leave the agency. It's then when you find out the video you paid for doesn't belong to you. It is their property. Or they've put content out on the internet with back-links and links to your website. You leave and all that is then destroyed leaving you to start from scratch with your SEO. This is not fair so we don't do it.
  • The basic factors for ranking in the search results are fairly constant:
  • Relevance to the search query.
  • If applicable distance of business to the searcher. (local)
  • Googles vote of confidence as decided by the algorithms of online and offline criteria.

Think of online confidence as to the quality of your content and the technicalities of your website. Think of offline confidence as how popular a website is online. Do other web-sites point back to your website? If they do are they relevant and of high esteem in Googles eyes.

We help you with all of this and earn the right to your trust every month. With results not promises.

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Your Marketing Service

Search engines are marvellous when you want to find out anything you just put in your query and in less than a second you have a list of results.

Want to know when Churchill was born? ... Google it!

Want to know how to convert kilometers to miles ... Google it!

Want to find a Plumber, Electrician, Solicitor, Chiropractor... etc, etc, ...Google It!

So when people want to find what your business does...what to they do? -  They Google it!

More than 85% of people who use the internet use Google search to find what they want. That's why we focus on Google. The query goes into the search box. And in a split second there is a list of results. Ads first, then normally the Map or Google My Business section. And then the FREE LISTINGS of around 7 to 10.

We work for you to get you into that first page listing and then the top 3 and ultimately NO1.

It's not easy, in fact it's hard but totally achievable when you know what you are doing.

And we do! 

If you typed into the search box 'Plumber in Leeds' which more than 1600 people do every month. You would get a list of ten FREE listings. If you look at the top of the page... it says About 1,460,000 results (0.50 seconds). What this meas is that in less than 1 second Google has scanned nearly one and a half million pieces of internet content to do with plumber in Leeds and produced a list of what they think will give you the best answer.

SEO is the art of making sure that your website, if you are a plumber is the one that people see and visit.

Whatever market you are in ... we can do this for you.

First page is where it at ...who looks beyond the first page...hardly anyone.

Then the aim should be top 3 then 1. Because people think that things are listed from the best down.

Now Google wants to show the best results so people will use the search engine and then click the ads. Google is an advertising company providing search as a service. To show the ads. Only 7.65% of searchers will click on an ad, And this was enough to give Google a profit of $161 billion in 2019.

Google wants to continue to dominate the search results service and even grow their market share. So they'll continue to spend billions of dollars to ensure that people get relevant results to their queries. That's why they are so particulare as to which websites they show on the first page.

Google Is The Judge

We make sure that your website gives Google exactly what it wants, this is why Google will rank your site on the first page results and the top three. We do this by focusing on two main things.

What is happening on Your Website it's content and the technical area.

We also make sure that your website has top quality votes or endorsements from other websites. That Google already endorses. As part of a world wide super group of SEO experts we have exclusive access to over 1000 testing sites and over 50000 high quality sites approved of by Google. This is one of the contributing factors as to how we can rank websites at the top and keep them there.

Basically our SEO or search engine optimisation directs the right people to your west Yorkshire business web-site via the Google Search Engine. By identifying the best keyword phrases or reference words to produce high quality visitors. So if you want to reach folk in the metropolitan boroughs of Calderdale, Kirklees, BradfordLeeds and Wakefield or further afield then our service will get you that.

Seek out SEO West Yorkshire Expertise

Here at our West Yorkshire SEO agency [WSEOY] we want your business to to be the business that everyone sees on the first pages of the search engine results for what your business does. And to get, because of that, you all the new customers/clients/patients you want.

We want your business supplied with qualified prospective clients customers or Patients.

Now I am absolutely confident that I can put your business 1st.

To find out how we will do this watch this video and read the page.