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As someone who is interested in SEO, your are most likely to be aware, of just how important it is to choose the right keyword phrases for your website or video. 

Keywords are important because they inform search engines about the content of a website page. "Keyword" refers to the words and phrases that people enter into search engines to find the information they seek. Keywords are important because they connect with what people are looking for and communicate what a webpage is about to search engines.

Keyword research can make or break a website's profitability. If you choose the wrong keywords, they will not bring you the right prospects, or they may be too competitive to rank for, or they may have very little demand.

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Are You a Bit Unsure If SEO Works?

Here are a few case studies.


University Campus Davis improved the technical SEO on their website. This effort has aided in a web traffic increase of 19% to the major pages, and a 32% increase when including the blog in the total amount of traffic. A 70% increase in traffic to major-related content, a 31% increase in traffic directly to majors pages, an 18% increase to minor pages, and a 222% increase to graduate programs.


Delta educational services company used the power of SEO to elevate their business impact. The Indexed organic keywords have increased 330%, while organic traffic increased by 230%.


Digital publisher STACK Media delivers authoritative content to help athletes meet their training goals. They used SEO to maximize impact. In just one month, website visits increased by 61%, with average bounce-rate-by-page reduced by 73%.


Verifi is a financial and ecommerce software solution for companies to help alleviate credit card chargebacks. SEO produced this for them. Search footprint increased from 413 to 3,130. Keywords almost doubled from 689 to 1,298. Organic search traffic increased 37% in less than 1 year.


Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS) provides thorough and comprehensive treatment programs for addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental health issues. The SEO results were truly impressive: 441% increase in website visits, 188% increase in total organic listings, 87% increase in revenue, and a 51% decrease in average cost per admission.


Navex Global Company, is the leader in providing integrated governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions that help organizations mitigate risk, achieve compliance, and, ultimately, create better, more ethical workplaces. Using SEO and competitor content analysis they achieved higher rank, more than doubling keywords in positions 1-3 on major search engines. This led to a 41,600-visitor increase to the site and a stunning 50,500-visitor increase to the expanded blog, which contributed substantially to the revenue objectives and business growth.


The Container Store is the leading specialty retailer of storage and organization products. In just 7 months, the SEO results were dramatic: 30% increase in keywords in 1st rank position (more than 1000 keywords), 93% increase in organic traffic, 68% increase in organic traffic conversion, and 96% increase in organic traffic revenue.


Seagate overcomes the cost and complexity of storing, moving and activating data at scale. SEO gave dramatic improvement in ranked keywords from 5 to over 32, a 6- fold increase. In addition, there was a 20% increase in new visitor traffic. The clickthrough rate on the calls to action increased 8%.


Over a three-month period, organic traffic increased by 109%, and several high-volume accounting keywords ranked on page one. Within three months, their domain rating increased by 22%.


Over a 12-month period, organic traffic multiplied by 15 times. Ranked on the first page of Google for several high-profile keywords in the automotive industry. Within two months, they had risen to the number one position for one of their most popular keywords.