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SiteMap for wakefield seo yorkshire

hi this is simon leon back with g liveif you're joining us live give us ahashtag live if you join us on thereplay give us a hashtag replay and soyes today we're coming on just a littlebit later than usual but as you probablyknow we do come on at any time and so itmight just be surprising whenever it isthat we do come online for you but todaywe are here for a very special reason wehave a big announcement for you and it'sespecially exciting againif you are into seo so my question toyou is are you into seo do you want toimprove your search engine rankings ifyou do type inseo inside of the comments now a fewdays ago we actually came on for a verysimilar topic but it was actuallysomething very unrelated because we'reintroducing you to a brand new video tipseries that we're going to be sharingwith you in fact earlier today wereleased our second video so if you goback to our youtube channel which i'llshow you more about in just a moment youwill know exactly what it is what thati'm talking about but basically a fewdays ago we talked about how we'relaunching a brand new seo video tipsseries for you if you want to learn moreabout sco and also that's in theupcoming roof magazine there will alsobe entire sections and tutorials allabout seo and more specifically aboutgroov seo as well if you want to learnmore and just so that you know in caseyou are not familiar this is our youtubechanneland on this youtube channel if this isyour first time here make sure that youdo subscribe to it if you haven'talready now as you can see though whatwe've actually been doing as of latethis was uploaded seven days ago thiswas uploaded just a few hours ago as youcan see we obviously do have some brandnew videos talking about groove seo andgroov pages seo and evenyesterday actually two days ago as youcan see you streamed two days agowe talked about the brand new groov tipsseries on seo for those of you who areinterested in learning more about thatbut the thing isi think everything happens for a reasonand the universe always collides and allthese things are always meaningful themoment that we start talking about seoall these additional updates when itcomes to groov also comes into play nowif you are here by the way and you wantto learn more about all the differentupdates we'll give you another updateprobably within the next day or two toshare with you what is new when it comesto the groove platforms you can see thatdavid lemon also updated with someupdatesas well for the month of december but incase you're interested in fastforwarding into the seo parts okayyou're not interested right now inlearning about the groove sell stuff yetor the groove mail stuff yet or thegroove member stuff yet you're herebecause you want to learn a little bitmore about seo well the amazing andexciting thing is that within the groovpages update video there are plenty ofadditional announcements including theseo improvements within the actual groovsystem now if you don't know too muchabout seo don't worry we'll give you anopportunity to let us know inside thecomments later on if you do want tolearn more about seo and things likethat butall the on-page seo off-page seo backlinking keywords and all those thingsaside okay if i were to give you a minicrash course on what the google searchengines as well as the other searchengines actually look for is by the timethat they find your website if they'reable to see any of your pages whatthey're looking for are additional linksthroughout the rest of your pages okayand the way that your websitetraditionally communicates with thesearch engines is with the use of twothings how many things two number one issomething called site mapsnow if you go to actually any of yourwebsites and let's just say for examplei open up a brand new browser and i typein group.cm okay you'll see over herethat this is of course the groovewebsites now with the groove websitetypically and up until this point forthe past you know year and a half twoyears since we've been actively doingthis we've obviously we know that youknow with groove there's a lot of roomfor us to play with when it comes toimproving search when it comes to youknow improving your seo and increasingyour rankings and with that said there'sa lot of different strategies that wehave been sharing that you can continueto exercise on your own and implementand apply to ultimately get a lot morebetter results and so with that that'swhere the ongoing tips video series theadditional training that you might beinterested in that's where all thosethings will eventually come in we showyou step by step all the great thingsthat you can doto get these organic listings and allthese you know natural results andperformance now the really interestingthingis thatall this time you know we wanted to makesure that we maximize the seo resultsfor all of our groov pages members andall these amazing things and one thingthat we believe even though it wasmissing even though it wasn't absolutelynecessary it did of course wouldn't hurtat all if we actually have it and thatis by implementing the brand new sitemaps and the robots.txwhich has now just been implemented andannounced recently to be included intogroov pages does that excite you by theway for those of you who know a littlebit about seo for those of you who knowa little bit about site maps androbots.txt is it cool is it awesome thatthis is now an integration if you thinkthat's awesome type in the word awesomeinside of the comments now if you don'tknow what i'm talking about don't worryas mentioned earlier right we're goingto continue to give you these kinds oftraining and it's basically just theintermediate and the more advancedsearch engine marketerswho are within the groove community whohas been asking for this time and timeand time again and so for that the goodnews is that even if you have no idea noearthly inkling what i am talking aboutwhat is this sitemap stuff how do iexecute it how do i apply it how do imake thisrobots.txt you know integrated into mygroove pages it all sounds so technicaldoes it sound technical if you thinkthat sounds cynical type in the word yesinside the comments it sounds like allright here's the good newseven if you're a complete newbie even ifyou have no ideawhat i'm talking about butyou have the intention of hopefullyimproving your seo results and sure thesitemap stuff sounds good this robotstxt stuff sounds good but even if youdon't know how to do anythingwhat if i were to tell youthat everything actually is applied foryouautomatically do you like automation ifyou like automation type in the wordautomation inside the comments becausethat is correcteven if you have no idea what i'mtalking about up to this point it's allgibberish to you rightand you knowthat this is something that you probablyneed because over the last i don't knowfive ten minutes i've been talking allabout it but what if i were to tell youthat you don't have to do one darn thingand everything will automatically beimplemented into your accounts when itcomes to site maps when it comes torobots here's how you know that this isbeing implementedinto any one of your accounts in factany existing pages that you already haveit probably works already i don't knowhow long it will take for it to roll outmaybe little by little order else buthere is a great example that you can seeright here on the screen right if you'rethe groove dot cn previously this didnot exist but if you go to groove.cm andyou add in a backslasha backslash sitemap.xmlokaysitemap.xml this previouslydid not existthis was not something that was anywherewithin the actual groove system but asyou can see now if you type in abackslashsitemap.xmlon any one of our websites that youcreate with groov including the mainpage at groov.cm what you will notice isjust a whole bunch of code right allthis stuff that once again as we talkedabout earlierlooks very technical doesn't it buthere's the good news again you do notneed to know how to do any of this youdo not need to know what this means thisis automatically generated for you sothat even if you have no intention ofcreating your own sitemap this isalready done automatically on the backend is that cool if you think that'scool type in the word cool inside thecomments as you can see right up hereright this is a site map and all thesedifferent things that you do not knowexactly what they mean it's all designedby groov in the back end to communicatewith the search engines like google likebing like yahoo and all the dozens anddozens maybe even hundreds of othersearch engines the top ones especiallythey communicate with them so that youwill have higher chances of getting yourcontent found in the search enginesthemselves now yes to me as well itlooks like a bunch of gibberish i haveno idea what all these things say butagain the amazing news is that you don'tneed to know what it means you don'teven need to know that it exists it justdoes and it does all of the work for youpretty awesome right if you think sotype in the word awesome inside of thecomments in addition to in addition tothat in addition to the sitemap.xmlanother thing that the search engineslook for and especially if you've usedthe wordpress in the back in the pastfor example rightone thing that you will notice is that alot of people when they start talkingabout seo when they start talking aboutdoing all these different things andagain temporarily you know forgeteverything if you are lost you have nono idea what i'm talking about but thething is another piece of code thatthesearch engines look for is a file calledrobots.txtnow again if you don't know what i'mtalking about all you got to do on yourown website on groov.cm if you wanted toright all you got to do is type in atthe end of the url groov dot cm forwardslashrobots.txt okay that's forward slashrobot.txt and what you will see is thatnow not only on groov.cmbut also on any one of our other pageson any one of our other sites on anyoneprobably of your sites as well we alsohave yet another page which previouslydid not exist if previously you typed inrobots.txt or sitemap.xml it wouldsimply go to a 404 error page orredirect you to some other page if youhave that setuphowever as you see right now this isactually set up to be an actualrobot.txt file which does again help youin your search engine optimizationstrategy so again even if you have noidea what i'm talking about the goodnews is that it's all done for youautomatically so don't even worry aboutit it's just implemented for you youlike done-for-you stuff by the way ifyou do type in done for you inside ofthe comments now of course if you evengo to your groov pagesdashboard or you go into your sitesthere's a lot of things by the waythat have been changed over the past dayover the past week over the past monthanytime that you miss out on any one ofthese updates you're probably to belight years behind simply because of alldifferent things and changes thatweren't there before so it's always agood idea that you stay up to date asmuch as possible how do you stay up todate you might ask thank you for askingthat question the way that you stay upto date is of course by subscribing ifyou haven't already to our youtubechannel liking us on facebook joining usinside of our groups turning on thosenotifications which is especiallyimportant because the next time oranytime that we come on right here on glive or anytime a brand new video mightbe uploaded onto youtube or sharedwithin our facebook or any one of oursocial media you will be notifiedanytime these announcements actuallytake place so that you are not behindwhenever we have any of theseannouncements that come up so this meansthat if you haven't already make surethat you do follow us on social mediaturn on those notifications and the onlything by the way that has been changedwhen it comes to therobots.txt or sitemaps or anything hasto do with seo is one thing that you canignore if you want to in fact it isprobably recommended that you don't takeany action on it because the only thingthat is available for you to do rightnow is if you take a look at settingsokay and you go into site settingsthe only thing that has been added interms of any optionsis just one single option for you toexcludethe robots.txt fileright over here okay so again i don'trecommend that you do anything to thisbecause by default it's turned onalready now unless you don't want yourwebsite to be found by the searchengines unless you don't care about seounless you want to sabotage your ownwebsite from getting high rankings ongoogle on yahoo on bing then leave thisalone of course if it's a private siteonly with their personal stuff you don'twant the search engines to find it forwhatever reason that would be the onlyreason that you you would want to turnthis on but of course for us we don'twant to turn that on if you do want tomake sure that your content is found bythe search engines make sure that youleave this uncheckedso just don't do anything but for nowthis is the only option that we havewithin groov pages later on as iunderstand there will be more seosettings for you so stay tuned for allof that because that's going to be somuch more exciting but in the meantimeonce again if you haven't already makesure that you do subscribe to ourchannel follow us turn on thosenotifications because as the upcomingdays and weeks as and months go on wewill continue to be sharing with you allthese groov sco groove pages seo type ofshort videos which is designed to helpyou to learn more about search engineoptimization in general how to turn themon within groov and how to reallymaximize your experience usingapplications such as groove pages suchas groove funnels right use all thosecool thingsand make sure that in the end you aremaximizing your performance so that youcan ultimately dominate your competitiondo you want to dominate your seo if youif you do type in the word dominateinside of the comments now all of thisobviously is a good start having thesite maps is a great start havingrobots.txt is an amazing start even ifyou have no idea what's going onremember everything is 100 automatedwhich means that whether you do anythingor notthis is something that will help you inyour seo but my question to you is thatdo you want to learn more about seothough things that are under yourcontrol all those things that i askedyou to temporarily forget about momentsago things like keywords things likeon-page seo things like off-page seothings like backlinks and creating allthese amazingyou know building all these amazinglinks and content that link back to youso that ultimately you are justincreasing your seo for your websitesyour pages your blogs your videos andany other kind of content that you mighthave using groov and beyond my questionis are you interested to learn moreabout seo if you are type in the wordseo inside the comments type in the wordseo inside the comments because as imentioned just a couple of days ago ibelieve right here on this actualepisode of g live we do intend probablysometime within the next few weeks toshare with you some additional contenton seo give you some training on searchengine optimization that will absolutelyhelp you to maximize and leverage whatyou can dominate your competition andespecially when you know how to usegroove the right way it will help helpyou to completely dominate and destroyyour competitorsin 2022 and beyond again are youinterested in learning something likethat if you are type in the word seoinside of the comments and when weactually have this all ready for you ofcourse we will do our due diligence toapproach you to reach out to you and letyou know that this event is happeningthis training this mini course thisprivate event is by invitation only andbecause you express interest we're gonnareach out to you and we will of courselet you know when that's going to happenonce again let us know type in seoinside the comments we will be more thanhappy to extend that invitation to youwhenever that actually happens alrightso with that that is pretty much all ofthe updates that i have for you righthere today before i actually let you goi do want to say hi to just a few of youwho have been saying hi to us over thepast i don't know10 15 20 minutes since i've been on livewe see chenille great to see you we havea facebook user by the way if you'rebrand new congratulations and welcome ifyou take a look at the ticker rightbelow this videoyou will see that at the end we want toinvite you to go to a place calledgroove over dot t o four slash authorizeonce again that's groove over dot t ofour slash authorized and what that'sgonna do is it will allow facebook toactually show us who you are so that thenext time that you do leave a comment wecan actually say hi to you will know whoyou are address you by name we'll seeyour smiling faces and all that greatstuff so please go ahead and do that sothat we can actually be more um personalwith you and that we can actuallycommunicate a lot more together allright awesome okay we also have some uhadditional friends fiona is also join uswe got ricardo is also here as wellchenille is also join us fiona we got acouple more facebook userswe got gilmar great to see you andsaying hi to fellow groovsters as wellvj is also hereand then for all of our friends who arecontinuing to leave some additionalcomments we have another facebook userover here thank you very much i'm justscrolling through all of these by theway and so with all of thatforgive me if i somehow miss all of youbecause uh there's just so many commentsthat i'm just kind of scrolling throughall the way oh would you see one more anew friend that i believe is the firsttime that we're interacting so jamesnice to meet you great to see you thankyou for your um thank you for yourcomments and interaction we'redefinitely very excitedthat you're here and then i think that isaw a couple of places if we can be alittle bit more specific and helping youwhen it comes totheactual codes let me go ahead and typethat in into the comments and show youone is sitemap.xmlas you can see over here so type this inbehind like in the back ofthe url and then we also have anotherone which isuh four slashrobots.txt okay so with that again evenif you have no idea what that meansdon't worry about it because all of thisis absolutely automated for you and it'sdone for you automatically inside of thegroove pages system so that you don'tactually have to do anything yourself isthat cool by the way once again type inthe word cool inside the comments if youthink just like me that this isabsolutely awesome all right so withthat that is pretty much all of theupdates that i have for you right heretoday on behalf of the entire groovecommittee and myself i do want to thankyou for your time here today whether youare joining us hashtag live or hashtagreplay it doesn't matterthe most important thing is that ofcourse you are here but turn on thosenotifications because the next time thatwe do come on live which could be anytime and it could very well be and verylikely be within the next couple of dayswhen we give you yet another updates onthe groov system and all the amazingthings surrounding that make sure thatyou turn on those notifications so thatyou don't miss out alright so with thatthat's all from me here today heretonight hopefully you're having yourselfa great day a great evening wherever itis that you might be so until next timetake action right now let us know if youhave any questionsand as always we will see you right hereon the inside cheers folks we'll see younext time[Music]you gotta get into the grooveEnglish (auto-generated)