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Goddard designs medical devices, and they struggled to find quality leads that could use their services. In addition their website attracted a lot of spam and unqualified contacts. By making critical SEO updates on the website, focusing on linking, and having a content strategy for business-relevant keywords. They were over an eight-month period able to gain 2,361 Google positions across various keywords relevant to their offer. The company also now ranks in the top 100 for 50 strategically targeted keyword phrases.

Apptega is a cybersecurity and compliance platform and they knew they would need an optimized website that generated leads. They also recognized that their existing WordPress site wouldn’t be enough for them to reach their goals.

Joelle Palmer, Apptega’s Digital Marketing Manager, says, “We had built a Frankenstein monster in WordPress. Our dev team would constantly have to drop what they were doing and fix our website.” Apptega then decided to migrate its existing site into CMS Hub.

Apptega saw almost immediate success when applying SEO. They saw one of their core pages move from a number100+ ranking in Google search results to position number three in two weeks. This result is not typical as on average SEO usually takes three to six months to work!