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How To Rank Your Website On Google

Knowing how to rank your website on google is very important because it can bring you lots and lots of new business. But first you have to decide where on the page you want to rank.

Then how much money and time you want to spend to get there.

The search results produce three, sometimes four, different kinds of results.

And to show these I’m using the results from the search ‘SEO Wakefield’

First there are the ads …

these are first because you must remember that Google is predominately an advertising company that makes billions.

In the most recently reported fiscal year 2020, Google's revenue amounted to 181.69 billion US dollars. And this is in spite of the fact that around 94% of all search traffic goes to organic results over paid ads.

ranking position for ads

Here you can see that there are 1.8 million results, this means that there is this volume of internet properties mentioning SEO Wakefield.

Google in a split second as search through it’s date base and produced what it believes to be the best results for this search.

The ads are first because these businesses have paid to be there with an auction system. And they pay for the click not the lead and these are typical costs per click.

Travel and Hospitality $1.53

Home Goods $2.94

Consumer Services $6.40

Legal $6.75

Now, you can start advertising on Google Ads,

which is the world’s largest Ad platform to appear in the listings almost immediately.

But of course at a cost.

This advertising is very expensive and you need to know how to use advanced market analysis and campaign design to ensure that you not only can compete, but you can also beat your competitors before your prospects even click your ad.

Many businesses pay way to much for inadequate results using google ads.

By using a professional ad agency you will dramatically reduce your costs and produce a predictable pipeline of customers who are actually ready to buy. This strategic approach will deliver maximum ROI and save you money from day one.

You need to ensure that you only advertise to qualified prospects, by choosing the right keyword phrases, so you are able to increase CTR (click-through rate) but lower CPC (cost per click).

Then of course as we have said before you need to ensure that you send your clicks to a high-converting website funnel that maximize conversions and delivers more highly targeted leads at the lowest cost possible.


1) The Cost 

2) Once you turn them off, for whatever reason, your leads stop.

For further help with using ads

Done for You

Do it Yourself

The next section is the local results or the map pack ..

The results here are by and large free geographical listings as to where the search is centred.

You will notice we are 3rd in the map pack because we are some distance away from Wakefield centre.

The local results are very local and in cities results can vary block by block because the idea is to show the searcher the best results that are nearest them.

These results are taken from the Google business directory called Google My Business. And your business should definitely be listed and maximised here. Especially if you offer local goods or services. As it can be a goldmine when your local listing is set up the right way.

It is also possible to advertise in this section. (Always remember that Google is predominately an advertising company.)

map ranking section

When someone clicks the view all button the entire Google directory for that search in the area opens up.

full gmb ranking

And you can keep scrolling and scrolling to find more and more related businesses. But of course no one ever does. They go with what they see.

Also the Google My Business will often show an information panel on a highlighted business like it does for my business.

Google will also show your competitors below your listing, which also means that yours could be showing beneath theirs.

ranking information panel

They way to be featured in the map section and to beat your competitors is to maximise your Google My Business listing the right way. And this you are one of your staff can easily do with a little help.

For further help click here.

Then you finally get to the Gold which is the organic or free search results.

94% of all the click throughs are made here. Studies show that the majority of clicks on the first page go to the websites that are ranking in the first few positions:

This study shows that 30% of searchers tend to click on the first search result on the page,

15% click on the second result, and around

10% click on the third result.

The click-through rate then drops significantly with positions 4-10 getting only around 2-5% of clicks.

Now the organic or free results are more stable than the local map section. As they are a general listing, although they can fluctuate a little.

There are three/four ways to rank your business in the search results, but ranking highly in the organic search results is one of the most powerful, highest ROI ways to get more leads and sales.

To Rank Highly

To rank highly you have to make sure that your website funnel gives Google exactly what it is looking for.

And you do this by using what is called SEO or search engine optimization, which is the process of optimising your website funnel to get highly targeted visitors so that your funnel will produce new business.

As more and more people turn to Google, especially since Covid 19, to find products and services, it’s vital to rank as high as possible for relevant search terms for your business.

It does take resources and time to rank highly for competitive keywords but the benefit is that SEO is considered one of the highest ROI forms of marketing!

For further help with using SEO

Done for You

Do it Yourself

ranking organic results

Video Ranking

video ranking

FOR CERTAIN SEARCHES you will find videos in the results.

Such as the search for “how to fix a blocked toilet”

As you will see the results are from YouTube, which is the second biggest search engine after Google.

So if your business can use video.

Then It should.

And the secret is to use YouTube as a distinct search engine with the benefit of videos showing on the google results.

For further help with using Video

Knowing how to rank your website on google or to find those who can do it for you is very important.

But first you have to decide which area of the first page results do you want to rank in.

In my opinion it should be…

1.      The map section as this is the easiest win for the least cost.

2.      The video section (if applicable) because they attract a lot of clicks and the future is video.

3.      The organic section because it gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

4.      The ads because they do give instant temporary results if done right.

Because today, organic search drives the majority of all website traffic.

Paid ads is next and then comes social.