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Maximise Your SEO Profit With WSEOY

Is your SEO profit all you want it to be?

Are you sure that you are getting the best Return on Investment?

With our TOTAL search engine optimisation you will see the difference.

With billions of people using the internet daily to search for information on businesses, products and services. Wise business owners are always looking for ways that they can target those who are looking for things related to their particular business. Well crafted SEO campaigns does this for them.

SEO Profit Share Process

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of correctly presenting your products or services. In a way that pleases the search engines and your website visitors.

This nearly always means making deliberate modifications to your webpage design and content.

The end goal of SEO effectiveness is for your chosen webpage to rank high in the search engine results, gain more visibility and generate visitors to the chosen webpage.

Search engine procedures change over time and frequently. Which is why a SEO strategy has to take account of all recent changes and a one size fits all doesn’t work.

A individual SEO plan is an essential element in establishing an SEO profit share to boost business revenue

Know The Difference Between Cost and Invest

Steven a USA associate explains the ROI on various marketing spends.


Just adjust with your own figures

Monthly Search Volume of Keyword Phrase = 1,000

Click Thru Rate 40% = Website Visitors 400

Website Conversion Rate 25% = New Leads 100

Client Conversion Rate 50% = New Customers 50 

Ave Revenue Per Customer 150

New Business Revenue Per Month 7,500

Some key tactics to increase positive SEO ROI statistics:

Your Website Asset or Liability?

Lots of business owners, spend good money on setting up a website that looks good and they fully expect that it will be a benefit to their business. The initial enthusiasm dwindles over time as the website is nowhere to be seen on the top search engine page results. This is normal because only the best will be continually promoted by Google. Most websites, unless they are website funnels are a liability and not an asset.

The fact is that if you want to get lots of highly targeted visitors to your website. You have to create webpages that search engines can find. And then having found them will promote them in the search results.

You also have to produce high quality and relevant content that your visitors will love. Woven into your content their needs to be proven and tested tactics that will generate interest in trying out you’re your offer. This will produce positive SEO statistics.

The Importance of Keywords for SEO Effectiveness

Keyword phrases are very important facet of Search Engine Optimisation. If an individual is looking for a service or product on-line, they type in related keyword phrases into the search box.

This means that it is very important to know what people are searching for in relationship to what your business offers.

It is also very important that your webpage reflects these keyword phrases in strategic places. This helps rank your business webpage at the top of the search engine result pages.

For example, if your business offers landscaping, there are obvious landscaping keyword phrases that people will use when looking for a landscaper. Your website webpages need to target these keyword phrases so people will find them when they search.

Once you establish the sort of keywords you want to rank for, it is up to you to make a decision where to place them in headings and body content. There are a number of places on your web pages, URLs, image ALT descriptions and the website metadata.

Here are some keyword phrases you can consider using for DIY SEO campaigns to increase SEO profit include:

Buy + keyword, Cheap + Keyword, Best + Keyword, Key-phrase + online, Keyword + location, Brand name + products, etc.

It is also crucial that you make use of longtail keywords (4 words and above) so you have less competition from competitors.

Benefit Of Improving Page Loading Speed?

If your webpage takes a long time to load, not only will visitors click away. But your search engine rankings will be punished by the search engines. Your page will not rank highly.

It is very important to enhance both your webpage loading speed and server response time. Because Google employs an algorithm that understands your webpage’s attractiveness and modifies the webpage search ranking position as a result.

Page loading speed is very important not only for ranking because research shows that 40% of webpage visitors will abandon their visit if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

And 80% of those visitors won’t return to that website. And even more damaging is that they will move on to your competitors website. Resulting in poor ecommerce SEO statistics for your website.

Common reasons why your webpage has a poor loading speed may be that your webpage layout is too complex, or your web hosting service is at fault. For a ultra-fast website take a look at this provider.

Utilize Your Social Media for Better SEO Results

The use of social media has increased at an startling rate. With a large percentage of the earth's populace on social media, it is now an important component of a full and effective SEO campaign. More and more individuals are enrolling in numerous social media platforms and spending many hours on them.

This offers a huge opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this market place. And create business awareness, connect with new prospects, offer their services or products, and build ongoing connections with potential customers, clients or patients. Using search engine optimisation in this market is a viable alternative to the expensive adverting services.


How Much Can SEO Increase Traffic to Website?

The answer to this is lots and it will continue to have a great impact on creating business visibility on the internet.

This then brings more and more visitors to your website and specific webpages.

Which in turn builds business sales.

It is something every single business should incorporate into their business plan and marketing spend.

If your business has yet to implement search engine optimisation. It is never too late to start and increase your SEO profit.

cartoon graph showing hoe SEO increases profit


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