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Personal SEO Plan

A personal SEO plan is the key to YOUR successful SEO campaign whether it is done for you or you want to go down the do it yourself route. It is like getting a custom made road touring map that get you with ease to your final destination. With SEO the old adage is perfectly true ... If you fail to plan... YOU plan to fail!


A Workable Plan For Great SEO

Even though Google makes over 3600 adjustments to the search engine. And many of the well known SEO agencies seek to bamboozle their prospective clients by talking about the 200 ranking factors. There are certain Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) fundamentals that businesses should focus their efforts on first. As these produce the biggest wins.

Even with the continuous updates and algorithm changes from Google these fundamentals remain constant and remain unchangeable in the ever-changing SEO landscape.

WSEOY Personal SEO Business Plan.

Our SEO business plan is the basis for a successful SEO campaign. Whether you decide to implement this with us, one of our recommended partners, your own agency of choice or you decide to do it yourself. Once you put your personal business SEO plan into action. You will see not only a marked improvement in your search engine rankings but also an increase in new business.

We focus on four main areas:-

Keyword Phrase Choice.

In your plan, we will agree together what are the best keyword phrases to base your campaign on. In the process of uncovering the best relevant keyword phrases for your particular offer. It may be better from a ROI perspective to target terms with lower search volume because they're far less competitive.

Because both high and lower competition keyword phrases are advantageous for your website ranking, it will be a matter of prioritising keyword phrases and selecting the ones that will give your business the biggest profit boost.

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Keyword Phrase Competition.

The likelihood is that if you want to rank highly for a keyword phrase then your competitors do to. And there will already be websites ranking for those chosen keyword phrases. The SEO plan analyses this competition to find out why they are ranking highly in the search engine results. And then to make a recommendation as to whether this is winnable for you.  

Ideally, we want to find a balance between competitiveness and popularity of the best keywords phrases

Website Effectiveness

This is a most important step because if your website is not set up right, it won't rank well. And even if, it did rank well and it was not effective in converting website visitors into new business. What would be the point in spending money and time, getting visitors to a website like that?

Our plan shows you how to maximise your website for profit!

Google Endorsement

If you want your website to rank high in the search engines for competitive keyword phrases you must create webpages the please Google in two ways. One is the structure and content on the webpage and two is votes of confidence in the page from other well respected [in Googles eyes] websites.

In this respect as part of a worldwide super group of SEO practitioner experts we have exclusive access to ultra high quality websites that Google loves. And when we create links or votes back to your site from these, it's a signal for Goole to promote your site or webpage in the search engines.

SEO takes time!

Search Engine Optimisation cannot be rushed or Google will flag the activity as manipulation, which in a sense it is. So the sooner you start then the sooner you will see significant results. Your personal plan is your foundation for your SEO campaign and it makes sense for this to be right, It takes 30 days to produce your plan as every plan is different and has so many variables.

Once your plan is produced - if you decide you want WSEOY to implement it.

We will be happy to to do so.

Our fee starts at £750 per month and any agreed fee, after your plan is produced, is paid on a month by month basis. There are no contracts. You are not tied in because we believe we should earn the right for your business month by month.

To get started make your payment Of £497 below.

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