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Local SEO Wakefield Yorkshire UK Agency Consulting Service

Unique Search Engine Optimisation Puts Your Website Top

Let Me Ask You

Are you sick and tired of showing up lower than your competitors in the search results?

Are you annoyed and frustrated that other businesses are getting customers, clients or patients that could have been yours?

Do YOU want to make more profit?

If you responded with a yes then keep reading because there is no doubt, WSEOY can help you.

Also watch the video and send for your FREE Ebook.


 ‘Five Questions On SEO Services’ you must ask yourself BEFORE you hire an SEO Expert agency.

Get this FREE eBook and save yourself lots of TIME and MONEY!

YES >>> Give Me My FREE Book Now!

Wakefield SEO Yorkshire FREE eBook ‘Five Questions On SEO Services’ you must ask yourself BEFORE you hire an SEO Expert agency. Gives you an insight into effective search engine optimisation services.

Our Wakefield search engine optimisation helps businesses throughout the Yorkshire region. To not only optimise their websites so they can outrank their competitors.

We also show our clients how to automate that website so it becomes an automatic business machine.

So, If you’re looking to improve your profit by getting better Google rankings, we are here for you.

However, before you hire anyone to undertake SEO consulting work we recommend you first look at our FREE EBOOK

‘Five Questions’ - That you must ask yourself BEFORE you hire an SEO Expert agency.’

You can get this further up the page.

TOP search engine optimisation uk

WSEOY has been helping businesses just like yours with amazing success and been the hidden POWER behind lots and lots of ranking success stories!

We focus on ranking clients in the free organic search results in Google, using our unique search engine optimization process. Lots of other agencies talk of 200 search engine ranking factors. And will spend your money happily tweaking all 200, for little result.

These 200 factors can be grouped into sections as below. {Don't worry if you don't understand this technical stuff - lot's don't.} So here, according to some Search Engine Optimisation companies, are the most important Google ranking factors:

Referring domains

Organic click-through-rate

Domain authority

Mobile usability

Dwell time

Total number of back-links

Content quality


These factors in our opinion, after testing them in thousands of test sites, had little adverse effect, on a website.

Even if most of these are not exactly met, some are common sense anyway.

For example, Google will penalise sites that offer low value as regards content, or puts revenue generation first.  

Also duplicated content is not a good move either. As those sites that rip off other people's content are not promoted by Google.

We at WSEOY Have Found

Your site must also be optimised for smartphones and be able to load really fast, or Google will demote it in the search engine rankings.

 In our extensive testing we have found that overall there is no need to focus on the 200, so called, ranking factors.

We when offering SEO services in Yorkshire have found that there are 5 main areas that really move a website upwards.

While the vast majority of search engine optimisation agencies divide their time working on the 200 factors.

We as a SEO specialist in Wakefield focus on the big five and this gives us incredible results for our clients.

seo wakefield expert  at sandal Castle Wakefield

As an SEO Wakefield Expert in Yorkshire we focus on the BIG FIVE in our own unique way that gives our clients the BEST RESULTS

  • And these are to do with two main areas.

1] The on page structure and composition of your website.

2] The off page quality of the back-links to your website.

  We focus on these two things and this    brings a marked improvement for your    website ranking.


  We also don’t have bloated extra     overheads for services that don’t   directly benefit you.

Here, with our agency, you’re being offered an opportunity to get exactly the same advantage, or better than the BIG BUSINESSES get, for a fraction of the cost.

As the Premier Local SEO Agency in Wakefield Yorkshire, according to Google ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We help clients all around the Globe.

We are a unique “SEO Consulting Company in Yorkshire” because we believe in results not promises.

We also believe in keeping things honest, simple and open for our clients.

SEO Services Wakefield Choices

We have a number of choices to get your internet visibility to where it should be.

We will rank you in the google my business listings which is shown as the map results on the first page of the search results.

And get you on to the first page with the free organic listing beneath the map section.

We recommend that you first get a personal SEO plan here, as this will form your overall strategy to rank high in the search results.

Which in turn will boost your bottom line profit.

You can take this plan an either implement it via our Wakefield SEO Yorkshire agency, one of our highly recommended partners, an SEO agency of your own choice or even use it to do things yourself.

Results of Wakefield SEO Agency Services For You

Just imagine, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to give WSEOY a try and to your amazement your website is sitting at the top of the search results.

Your way ahead of your competition.

And the vast majority of the people who are looking for what you offer are doing business with you and not your competitor.

How does it feel?

Are you happy about all that extra profit?

Our SEO Yorkshire Agency Can Get You There

Our quality search engine optimisation service works within Google’s guidelines. But there are some companies that don’t.These may give you a short term ranking increase but then you’ll find your website penalized by Google for breaking the rules.

This in most instances results in the ranked website being flagged and demoted. It could even end up being delisted.

Google's Way

Google uses an algorithm to determine which websites get to rank for each search term. And the websites are placed in order as to how much they match The Google Criteria. Those who match best get promoted to page one and the top 3 and no 1. Those who don't ... DON'T!

The Power of Search Results

Generally, the top rankings in the search results matches peoples search in an instant, so users trust the search engine to give them what they want. You are here on this page because of your interest in SEO and the search you made in Google.

Google wants to preserve the integrity of its listings, so it will remain number one.

Which is why it can be very hard to rank for particular search terms.

But achieving first page and top spots are extremely rewarding. As the higher you rank in the search results, the more visitors your business or website will receive.

SEO kpis or key performance indicators

There is no doubt that working to rank is extremely cost-effective. Provided you target the right areas of search engine optimisation for your particular business. 

You’ll see how to evaluate this in your FREE EBOOK.

Ranking high in Google results is a very economical way to get highly qualified leads without having to pay the FAT CATS of advertising. 

When you compare the KPI over time. This beats anything else.

Graph of seo service Yorkshire at Wakefield Kirkgate station


If you search Google for “SEO Wakefield or "SEO Yorkshire" you will find us high up on the first page. Usually at the top.

Not always because from time to time Google will shuffle the pack. But we are always round about the top.

We rank high for one of the most competitive keyword search terms in Google for what we do.

As an SEO consultant agency we have many rankings for our website, the video you see and other internet properties… and of course we’re #1 and #2 overall.

Now look and see how many agencies actually use ads to get your attention. They want you to pay then to rank your site. But yet they can’t rank their own!

The reason we bring this to your attention isn’t to brag. It’s because we want you to have a glimpse at what our services can do for your rankings.

And how good your business will look, at the TOP of the rankings!

Hiring an SEO agency Yorkshire

Listen, hiring an SEO agency in Wakefield or anywhere in the UK, is a lot like putting your car in for service or repair. If you are like me you know little about car mechanics or want to.

So you trust the people who work on your car because there is a lot that happens outside of your view and your expertise. You need and want to find someone you feel you can trust.

You want people to tell you the truth, do the job and charge you fairly.

We will do that for you.

Our Wakefield SEO Service Yorkshire

Google My Business Ranking

This is often the first place most businesses should rank and is especially powerful for local business.

Website Ranking

Your website will not only be ranking in the top of search results but will also be your own automated new business machine.

YouTube ranking

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet. We use this to make your business more visible online and to bring you even more business.

seo agency Wakefield  at Wakefield Town hall

Get A Google Vote Of Confidence With SEO Agency Wakefield

Good optimisation for the search engines, that works well, doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, and the amount of time it takes depends on a number of factors. Such as:-

Where do you want to rank?

Do you want to rank a website, get your business high in the map section or rank a video?

What Keyword Phrases do you want to use?

Do you know the best keyword phrases to use?

Who is your competition?

Do you really know?

When done right SEO works and improves your business ranking.

WSEOY Aim For Your Website

OUR aim for your website is to have top rankings in the Google search results and stay there. A major factor when it comes to high ranking is the quality of internet properties that are linking back to your website, business listing or video! This is seen as a recommendation by Google.

Normal Search Engine Optimisation Specialist

A normal SEO company in Yorkshire and other optimisation agencies take one of two routes…They either outsource lots and lots of low quality links from the Philippines, China or India. And/or they use low cost, low power back-links that won’t help your site a great deal And they won’t get you your expected RESULTS either.

We at Wakefield SEO Yorkshire take the harder road

Going back many years we’ve developed a high quality exclusive network of internet sites that provide very high quality information to internet searchers all over the world on various subjects. We build secure relevant links back to your website from these different sites, steadily over the months.

And this produces a vote of confidence for your site from Google.

Think about it, what’s better for say a financial business – having an article endorsing them in the Financial Times or hiring people on the streets of various towns to hand out business cards for you?

It’s no contest!

The Financial Times has a much better reputation with those interested in financial matters! This is the way we boost your website with the power and prestige that comes from high quality, high visibility links in highly relevant and respected content that Google loves.

This is an Exclusive Yorkshire SEO Wakefield Agency Advantage that nobody else can offer you

As a group we have thousands of internet properties ranked Number 1 for over tens of thousands of important keywords! So by ranking these properties we’re also absolutely on top of all of the latest ranking changes in Google.

As you can see we do Search Engine Optimisation ourselves for our own website and, as you can also see from the Page 1 results of Google we beat our competition, so you know we can do the same for you.

Business is booming online in Yorkshire and all over the Wakefield Area

If you have a company or business in Wakefield, Leeds area, city of York or Sheffield and other places in Yorkshire such as Doncaster and Barnsley or anywhere in the UK. And want to profit from Google search engine ranking. Then using the best search engine consultants is essential to help your business to grow and prosper.

seo agency Yorkshire map

SEO Agency Yorkshire helps you to beat and stay in front of your competition

Search Engine Optimisation has for a long time, been an essential element of successful on-line promotion. And the majority of larger businesses have incorporated this specialist service into their overall marketing campaigns and strategy.

However, smaller business owners may not be entirely clear on the benefits of online promotion and the importance of using an SEO Wakefield marketing service at first.

The truth is, if you want to be in front of your competition and get the customers or clients that would go to your competitors. You really need to look at your Search Engine Optimisation options.

If you don’t want to get left behind, get your FREE EBOOK right now.

Yorkshire SEO Consulting EXPERTS in Great Demand

What marks us apart, is being part of a team of world renowned SEO Consulting EXPERTS. Who share our knowledge and expertise.

Also our exclusive back linking to thousands and thousands of first class internet properties. Gives our clients the much sought after Google seal of approval.

There is no question that SEO Wakefield SEO Yorkshire can help you.

Google Search seo company Yorkshire at Hepworth gallery Wakefield

Our SEO Company Wakefield Yorkshire

I’m Malcolm, principal of the local SEO Agency Wakefield in Yorkshire - I and my team of local SEO Wakefield experts will get your website in the top of the Google search results.

This will produce lots of highly qualified visitors to your website that then converts them into buyers. Provided you follow our instructions.

If you do.

Then like other clients of Wakefield SEO Yorkshire you will experience a great boost to your profit.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is SEO Meaning?

The definition from mailchimp is that it means Search Engine Optimization. And is the process used to optimize a website's technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity. So its pages can become easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries. As a consequence, search engines rank them better.

Which Are The Best SEO Companies?

Is it those with the best tools or who use the best practices as all top SEO companies in the UK do. No – it’s quite simple. The best company for you, is the one that get you to where you want to be.

Why Is SEO Important ?

It is important because it uses the trust that people have in search engines, to promote your business. This is why it is very important for small business and large alike.

Is SEO Legal?

It is not that it is illegal, it’s just that there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Black hat is the wrong way. Because this is using bad methods frown on by Google. That seeks to manipulate the Google search engine results. Once discovered, and they are almost always are. Then the offending website will receive a penalty from Google that will demote it in the search results or could be removed from the Google search index altogether. Safest way is stick to the google rules.

What is SEO and how does SEO work?

SEO is the technique of optimising your web-site in line with Google policies so that it ranks highly in the search engine results page. Also referred to as the SERPS. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a much sought after services from business owners in the know.

Is SEO Dead ?

There does seem to be a view held by some that if not dead then SEO is dying. This is mostly said by those who do not want to meet googles exacting standard for ranking websites. With a global share of around 93% Google is the search engine to go after. With over 5.6 billion searches conducted a day and a growing market with a value of over $80bn SEO is very much alive.

Will SEO Work For Me?

This is most likely the question you are asking yourself right now. You can see what the service does and how it helps others. But maybe you are not quite convinced that it is the right thing for your business. And it may not be. That’s why we recommend before using any search engine optimisation service. You get your FREE EBOOK

Can You Do SEO Yourself?

SEO is certainly something you can do yourself. As it is basically a process or a formula that is applied to a website or rather website pages. It is definitely something that can be learned but will take time and patience. As you can find here with Wakefield SEO Expert DIY SEO option

The Benefits Of Using The Wakefield SEO Yorkshire Service. Where ever you are in the world

The benefits of using our expertise in your digital marketing strategy is that it will boost your profit. Because you will be a lot more visible on the internet. So more people who are looking for your products or services, will turn to you and not your competitors.

A major part of global, national and local search results success is using the exact keyword phrases your future customers clients or patients use in their searches.

The higher in the search results your business is found the better.

It’s all about getting on the first page and then being in the top results. It is estimated that more than 67% of all click throughs to websites go to the first five FREE organic results.

SEO Agency Yorkshire Keeps Things Simple

It’s simple, the higher your placement, the more successful your business appears. Because people have an automatic assumption that those at the top of the listings are the best.

Maximise Leads & Conversions

When done the right way the service will deliver large numbers of visitors to your website. With lots and lots of Yorkshire SEO agencies, they think once this is done, their job is done. As a result the vast amount of websites fail to produce the results that they could..


The internet has almost 2 billion websites because in a web-driven world, everyone knows you need a website for your business. And businesses spend a lot of time and money on trying to build the perfect website.

However, the power of a website has over time diminished and the vast majority are totally ineffective in producing any benefit. The Nielsen Norman Group Who Are World Leaders in Research-Based User WEB Experience state this…

“On the average, the Web doesn't work: In a study research found that 62% of Web shoppers give up looking for the item they wanted to buy online. The odds are against any company that wants to put up a website: it is estimated that 90% of commercial websites have poor usability. And on average, 96% of the people who visit a website will leave without ever taking action.”

The days of having a website for the sake of having a website are over and have been for quite a while. They are the equivalent nowadays of trying to cut down the tree with a hammer.

The GOOD NEWS … is that things for you, have not got to stay this way. Because with the latest evolution state of the art technology the simple websites has evolved and those that use our revised version… not only survive but prosper.

WSEOY believes that not only do we need to deliver the visitors and leads you want but also transform your website into an automated profit machine.


Before we begin to work with clients on growing their business. We want you to read the FREE EBOOK. Then, if you believe our Wakefield SEO Yorkshire agency can help you. We will do an full assessment and devise a unique personal SEO plan for your business.

Then once we are agreed on the way forward we will put into practice the best ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ for you. The end goal is not just seeing an increase in your ranking and visitor numbers to your website. It’s not enough, for us to know we have produced lots of leads for you.

Our success is seen in more customers, clients or patients. Which of course produces more profit.

wakefield seo yorkshire local map


We are a global agency based in God’s own country Yorkshire. We even use a Yorkshire internet company PLUSNET. That give us reliable, sound internet services. We highly recommend them. You can get a special deal here.

However some folk want to find ‘SEO services near me’.

You’ll be glad to know that we operate throughout Yorkshire.

So if you are looking for :-

An SEO in Leeds service we are here to help you reach people in Horsforth, Chapel Allerton, Roundhay, Leeds Waterfront, Headingley, Alwoodley or other parts of the city.

If you require amazing SEO in Sheffield we will get you noticed in Arbourthorne, Gleadless, Norfolk Park, Beauchief, Crookes, Crosspool and any other area of the city.

Maybe you want to make the people of York your customers then our SEO York services will be ideal for you.

If you want specific SEO for Doncaster or SEO in Barnsley we can help.

In fact anywhere in Yorkshire, the UK or the world where you want to reach people. We can help you to not only reach them, but turn them into very valuable customers, clients or patients.

May be you too will be giving us a five star review soon, just like :-

Thanks for your help in getting my gym site ranked. A business saver for me. Great service. Also the new website was wonderful and has now become a 2nd income. Thanks again.

If your business is not getting a lot of new business. WSEOY can get your business website to #1 position on google so you can get more clients and earn more revenue. This SEO Yorkshire agency is very professional and brilliant for business.

We are small legal firm with 3 offices in Yorkshire. We've used other services but WSEOY got results. 1st page plus converting website. I can honestly say my revenue from the internet has increased since working with these guys.

As an electrician I highly recommend WSEOY to any business or individual looking for help with their search engine rankings. Not only is Mal a great person, he really knows the ins and outs when it comes to ranking high. If you want to get your website to the top of Google first page results use this service.

Wakefield SEO Yorkshire Google 5 star review

YOUR Choices

We have a number of choices to get your internet visibility to where it should be.

We will rank you in the google my business listings which is shown as the map results on the first page of the search results And get you on to the first page with the free organic listing beneath the map section.

We recommend that after you’ve looked at your FREE Ebook and decided we can help.

You first let us draw up a personal SEO plan, as this will form your overall strategy to rank high in the search results. Which in turn will boost your bottom line profit.

You can take this plan and either implement it via our SEO Wakefield Yorkshire agency, one of our highly recommended partners, an SEO agency of your own choice or even implement it yourself.


Step 1 – Get your FREE EBOOK

Step 2 – If it’s the right thing to do Get your assessment and personal SEO plan

Step 3 – If right let’s work together to get your business to where it rightly belongs at the TOP!