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Common SEO Questions

These are the most asked common Search Engine Optimisation Questions?

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Question 1

1. What is SEO?

Every day, there are more than two million Google searches for the keyword “SEO,” which stands for search engine optimisation. This optimisation is all about arranging your website in the right way. And then getting the right endorsements that Google loves. So that your site shows up on the first page of the search engine results when someone looks online for your business or what your business does.

Question 2

2. What is the time frame for ranking on the first page of Google search engine results?

How fast can my website rank on the first page? 

As an SEO expert I’ve found that this is the number one question I get asked all the time, which is understandable. Business owners and managers who need long term success require more website visitors to convert into customers, clients or patients for their business to succeed. So their impatience is only natural. However Google is a law unto itself. 

So unfortunately ‘It depends’ has to be the answer. It all has to do with the keyword phrases chosen, the competition and how long it takes to build up enough strong endorsements for Google to love your sight.

In light of these factors we will give you an estimate when we start to work together. It can be frustrating but once you breakthrough to page one and then up to the top 3 your profit will massively increase because the number of visitors to your site has increased dramatically.

The amount of money you spend on SEO is also a factor re the speed of progress. SEO is an investment not a cost and you must bear this in mind.

Question 3

3. Why engage an SEO specialist?

Perhaps you are thinking, “Will it be worth working with a successful agency and should I invest some of my marketing spend this way? Can an Search Engine Optimisation expert really give me the results and return I need?”

 In these days of smartphones and instant information, available via search engines such as Google. The help individuals need to locate products or services drives sales like nothing else. Witness the growth of Amazon and the demise of the small retailer and even the big boys, because things have changed. Remember Yellow Pages?

It’s a fact over 75% of all searchers online, and growing, do not explore any further than the 1st page of search results. The truth is if your site is not among the few who make it onto page one then you are losing out big time to your competitors.

And if your site is below page 1 it is basically “buried” where hardly anyone will see it.

 The way to change all that to have your website on the 1st page of Google is to work with a successful SEO team.

Question 4

4. SEO how does it work?

Search engines have what are called spiders that crawl websites and internet content. They then index or rank them. Google indexes billions of web pages. As a result, it would be impossible to crawl every page, every day. The crawling process is algorithmic. In Google’s words, “computer programs determine which sites to crawl, how often and how many pages to fetch from each site.” This spider or Googlebot crawls your website looking for changes and errors or anything that will affect the search results.

This spider can crawl a site anywhere from one to 6 weeks and even 6 months for new sites. The time frame of the spiders visits depend on your site’s authority, performance, page loading speed, number and kind of back-links, mobile-friendliness and other factors.

If your website is visited a lot, that’s a signal to the spider it needs to crawled more frequently. If your website doesn’t get many visitors, that’s a sign it isn’t worth crawling.

The role of SEO is to get the spiders to crawl your site and to index your content highly. So when a search is made relevant to your site it appears on the first page of the search results. Preferably the first 3 results.

Question 5

5. SEO how much does it cost?

Again the answer has to be it depends…

Great SEO isn’t an off the shelf product.

In truth it’s not a cost.

It’s an investment that will in real terms cost you nothing because the return will yield far more than what you invest.

And like any great investment the more you invest the bigger the returns.

The amount of your investment in SEO is determined by what you want to achieve.

What do you want to achieve?

Do you want to get on the first page at the speed of a ...

Porsche 918 Spyder 0-60 mph 2.3 secs,

a Mitsubishi Mirage 0-60 mph 12 sec,

or somewhere in between?

Big difference in performance and price.

 Things to consider when evaluating your SEO investment. 

Do you want a one-time boost that will fade or an on-going service for sustained marketing growth?

What are your ranking goals?

How long are you prepared to wait to reach the first page or the number one spot?

Where is your target market and how competitive is it?


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