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Local Business Citation Service

You are looking for a local citation service that will get your business noticed by those looking for what you do. And you also want to send a strong signal to the search engines. Well you are at the right place because we have all the services you need.

A local citation for a business is any mention of the name, address, and phone number or NAP online. Citations can be posted on websites, social platforms, local business directories, national directories and other internet sources. These not only help with have a high position on local search engine rankings but also assist internet users to find your business.

Making sure your business has the right base citations is very important as having the right information listed will help you rank well on the free Google listings. This is why google my business citations are very important.

It is up to you as the business owner or manager to make sure that your citations are correct. So you could visit your local citation sites list and spend your time checking that every thing is correct. You could become your local citation checker and use local citations software or you could choose a better way.

There are hundreds of sources for local citations and you can definitely visit each one and make your citation site by site. The main problem is that this will take for ever.

The better way is to farm it out.

And that is where we come in with our citation building service.

Citation Services

First Step Audit

This comprehensive citation audit is gathered into a report so you can see any duplicates, inconsistent information, and will list any citations you are not aware of. This should always be your 1st step. Everything else we do stems from this report.   AUDIT = £80

Citation Clean

A total clean-up of all citation errors based on your AUDIT report. Cost based on work to be done.

Citations Build

Cost and activity based on geographical location.

50 Citations = £100

100 Citations = £180

200 Citations = £320